The heart of the Skid Row Petting Zoo is the power of pets (specifically dogs and that is not to marginalize cats) to help in the healing of trauma and promote overall mental and emotional wellbeing. But a healthy body has more vital organs than just the heart and so…

Affordable Housing Only Zone

For the past six years I’ve been an actor/writer with the Los Angeles Poverty Department (LAPD), the oldest arts organization in Skid Row, and a docent with the Skid Row History Museum and Archive, a project of LAPD.

As we were developing The Back Nine (it’s the final nine holes…

June 21st. First Day Of Summer. June 21st to September 21st. Summer.

This Summer in Skid Row promises to be very powerful.

Some reasons why:

The LA Alliance lawsuit against the City and County of Los Angeles over homelessness began in March of 2020. Federal Judge David Carter oversees the…

Three Meanings Of Azusa

The word Azusa has three translations, or meanings. Azusa is a Tongva word, Native peoples of Greater Los Angeles.

Azusa is the City of Azusa and Azusa Street in Downtown Los Angeles (Little Tokyo). The word Azusa was a “nickname” given to a Tongva teen-ager named Coma Lee in the…

The Great Convergence

Convergence…the act of converging

Two of the greatest African American male leaders in American history are William Seymour and Martin Luther King Jr. come together and unite in a common interest or focus

I’m writing this to highlight a Native American aspect to their life’s work.

Rev. William Seymour…

A Letter to Judge Carter

The Honorable David O. Carter

United States District Court — Central District of California

Dear Judge Carter,

I write this letter to you in light of your hearings on May 26 and 27.

I’m writing to you as a Skid Row Artist and former resident selected by the County to…

Dear California

Sean Fuecht’s Instagram Page

Dear California Government/Sacramento,

You were insulted on April 9th and the insult-er is heading towards you on May 1st.

This past December 30–31, Sean Fuecht (Let Us Worship) brought his rock and roll version of Christian Nationalism to Los Angeles County to celebrate the Azusa Street Revival of 1906 that…

Purity Culture

On March 16, 2021, a 21 year old male in Atlanta murdered eight people, mostly Asian women who worked in spas. It was racist. It was misogynistic. But it was also something else that folks outside the Bible Belt probably won’t know about: a horrifying twisted version of Purity Culture.

Tom Grode

Skid Row artist and activist

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